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July 25, 2013

Almost unattached

The last building I posted wasn’t attached. This one is! It’s hard to know what that little shed-like building is, so I’m guessing it’s a shed. It’s funny how that usually works to guess like that. Driving by at 55 MPH while shooting these shots left the composition kind of awkward, which I really like. I’m just going to keep making them/posting them like this. I also made a black & white. It’s always interesting to me how the mood changes from a color version to the monochrome.
Almost unattached
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Almost unattached B&W
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July 19, 2013

Allen Joubert’s in disrepair

Acadiana is a rugged and beautiful place. I like the contrasting bits of everything about the place. You roll up on amazing things you’d never imagine that still manage to come off as though they were meant to be there. Nothing is affected; it’s all very permanent. Even what is falling into some kind of decay looks like it will be there forever. I’ve been wondering what happened to Allen Joubert’s Feed Store ever since snapping this a few weeks ago while riding by in the backseat of a friend’s car doing 55 MPH. All I could find was this legal situation he got into during the early 60s. This place looks like it’s been in disrepair since about that time.
Allen Joubert's in disrepair
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July 17, 2013

Understated at a wedding

A simple but effective flower display at a recent wedding I attended. I’m afraid I was potentially the least fun guest to have there. It was 105 degrees in Dallas when we landed. It was 95 on the day of the wedding, and I was on crutches. I think I shot maybe 60-70 photos, which for me is like not even bringing the camera. I ended up leaving it on the table to chase my 19-month-old around on the dance floor for a half hour – which was amazingly difficult. Now that I’m “walking” in a boot cast I can actually keep up sometimes. It was a beautiful wedding though! I had tons of fun as limited as I was… and as irony would have it, I began walking in the boot the very next day.
Understated at a wedding
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July 13, 2013

Stardust over the goat farm

While nursing my broken leg back to some level of decency, I found myself on a trip to Texas and Louisiana. The airport was an ordeal, even in a wheelchair. Everyone, I mean everyone, had to help me. By the end of the week, however, I was able to climb into the bed of a pickup truck to shoot this night sky. We were just far enough into the countryside that the stars really came out. That big light crashing through the exposure is right in front of the barn behind the dwelling.
Stardust over the goat farm
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July 12, 2013

Halfway thru a broken leg & Reworking a building

Hi. I haven’t posted in this space in 17 days, but it isn’t because I didn’t feel like coming here. That’s not entirely true; I was getting tired from my year-plus of posting each and every day, but my broken leg is what ultimately stopped me. I fell down a flight of stairs about three weeks ago, and I haven’t carried my camera with me much during the rehabilitation process. I also took a trip without a computer – which meant I couldn’t create a photo if I wanted to. My break turned into me forcing myself to take a bit longer of a break, and my trip became a break from Chicago. All of that breaking was very nice and good, although a broken leg is painful. Now I’m going to start making photographs again.

I’m not sure why I wanted to do this, but sometimes I like to totally destroy a workable image and use it in an entirely different way. It’s not so much abstract as it is weird. I realized the color and light could be used in a different way if tortured enough. It’s a tortured image, alright, but there’s something about it that feels good. I like the vertigo against the gray. I’ve posted the original photo below the new version.
Reworking a building
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Reflective black box
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