Mike’s on Ashland

This is a furniture & appliance store near the big intersection of Ashland, Milwaukee and Division – which is a really cool area of Chicago. There are several distinct neighborhoods that kind of crash together here, and you find all walks of life, really. I was heading home from a camera shop when I decided to stop for a cup of coffee (I was feeling highway hypnosis on the Kennedy Expressway), so I opted to take Division over to a Dunkin’ Donuts. This scene presented itself across the street, so I hopped on the median of the boulevard and took a handful of photos.

I realized the store stretched across multiple storefronts and even had advertising in the windows of an apparently vacated building on the corner. Talk about a booming business – and still this loader remained bored and staring into his phone on the front stoop. Two-and-a-half hours after shooting this I was breaking my leg about 20 minutes northwest of here. Lucky find, unlucky fall.
Mike's on Ashland
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