Chillaxin’ in the plaza

One of the best things about the open space at Daley Plaza is the availability of loose chairs on the good-weather days. People can grab them and do whatever they feel like. Some drag them over to the fountain, others cluster in groups to chat. My favorites, however, are the strays. These are people who pick any random area and just drop their chair right there. There’s this chaos to the whole thing. Unfortunately, on this day, no great patters emerged between the individuals to make a multi-person photo, but this man stood out to me. He was probably in his fifties, but he was equally attached to his massive white headphones and little iPod as any teenager strolling about. Making even more interest was the mess of chairs forming a nice line off of his position. I assumed he was a traveler with nothing to do, nowhere to go. This was reinforced by his positioning – faced directly into the sun like a bather on the beach.
Chillaxin' in the plaza
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6 Comments to “Chillaxin’ in the plaza”

  1. Great image, loved the back story aswell. Love the striped shirt too.

  2. Fabulous! Love it in black and white……almost vintage with the chairs and his clothes…..

  3. I loved the pic of the theatre.

    Your Chillaxin in the Plaza has a really striking composition.

    Good advert for his shoes? Or not?! The pic makes me wonder what he is listening to. Music? or maybe some talk he has down loaded??

    • I have another of the theater that I’ll be posting soon – one I was more excited to take. Hopefully it will work out the more impressive to look at in the end. Thank you for that! As for Mr. Chillaxin’, he looked directly at me as I was taking his photo a few moments before, probably wondering exactly what I was doing, too. I figured him for a Rolling Stones or Grateful Dead type. He looked very relaxed, so I assumed music. Thanks for your first comment 🙂

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