Three sixty-six | Ninety, Ninety-four

This is my 366th blog post on Just two more to go for 365 in a row. The math doesn’t work out if you haven’t been around here very much, but it actually makes sense, promise.. I’m tired, but in recent days I feel I’ve re-established some kind of work pace, and I think that’s a good thing. Maybe I’ll be able to go past 365 and see just how many days I can go. I was contemplating taking a week or two off after reaching my goal, but that would be kind of a flat outcome to the accomplishment, I think. I’ve seen others go 365 days of posting a photo a day to only stop cold at the marker. I remember my gym coach in middle school reminding us to walk off a race, don’t just lay down and huff and puff. Imagine if you just keep running… you might get stronger?

I’m not sure. What I do know is the cars never stop on 90-94, no matter the time of day. There are endless opportunities for photographs here, but no reason to hang around the expressway too long. This is the south view, and I got a couple more looking the opposite way.
Ninety, Ninety-four
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7 Comments to “Three sixty-six | Ninety, Ninety-four”

  1. Very nice photo. Great composition and use of slow shutter speed to convey motion. Also I think the lens flare works well for this photo.

  2. Always a confident certainty with your photos…..

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