The pool’s out back

Today marks 365 posts for this blog. That’s not 365 in a row, but this is the 365th post. I’ll hit 365 straight on Wednesday. There’s your notice, officially. Funny how I was asked about when 365 in a row is going to be here today for the first time. I wasn’t sure when the one-year of daily blogging actually hit until I looked it up a few minutes ago. The pressure is on for something above average for Wednesday. Haha, it’s funny to say that… something above average for Wednesday, the most average day of the week. But I’ve already started writing that post. Yes.

This is a relatively simple image requiring very little post processing or pre-photo consideration. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t reworked a million times during editing. The perspective is all off, but because the building and doorway are, too it doesn’t need correcting. In fact, correcting the perspective only made things worse – further distorting the door or making something else look even more warped/crooked. After looking it over and again I decided there are several things that are not quite straight in this little alleyway, and I can’t remember what is straight. Certainly the door is not, but perhaps the pole was, so I left it that way.

That part of the explanation covered, I can’t figure out the swimming pool, either. I’m assuming it was getting thrown out, because nobody would be using this here in the alley and there’s the dumpster, right there on the right. The truly puzzling part of the equation, however, is what was this swimming pool for? If you go around the front of the building you find a sandwich shop next to a office supply store. Maybe there are apartments above?
The pool's out back
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