The lights are out

It’s down to two weeks. I’m at 351 straight days of posting a photo a day, and it’s finally getting to me. I feel a complete lack of creativity, everything seems enigmatic. Maybe it’s that I’ve slept 14 hours total for the past three days. There was a time on this blog where I was thinking I’d make this a kind of photo diary where I’d post what I slept, ate and exercised in a given day to see if there would be some kind of correlation to how I felt and what I posted. Now I think that’s an entirely horrible idea. Part of the problem would be that I didn’t always post photos on the same day I made them. Today I did. OK, so maybe in list form?

Slept: 4.5 hours
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Ham & Cheese
Dinner: Pizza / broccoli (had trouble remembering this, probably due to lack of sleep)
Exercise: None

That’s kind of a morbid little concoction. Anyway, I’m really tired and unimpressed with myself of late. When I was composing this shot a guy walked through from left to right and apologized. I was so empty for something clever to say I told him it was OK, because this was his good side. Three-hundred, fifty-one days saps your creativity at times. The traffic light wasn’t operating.
The lights are out
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10 Comments to “The lights are out”

  1. well keep up with the creativity. I will judge you tremendously on your choice for #365 🙂

  2. It really doesn’t matter if every photo is taken that day….after all what you do post is frequently striking, like today’s dynamic concoction. I like the robotic quality of the traffic lights and the filmic grandeur of those vacillating tower blocks. A bit scary in a friendly sort of way.
    I thought that your riposte to the jay walker was very sharp……but you do need a decent amount of sleep…just take care.

  3. Yes, I do need more sleep. Agreed. Thanks!!

    • yes, don’t get hit by a car . . . . maybe you should pull one all-nighter in which you blitz all the remaining posts? then sleep for three days. . . . maybe do something with a fish-eye lens to make your final photographs appropriately surreal. . . . it would take your mind off geometry. . . . which is probably frazzling you. (i am teasing of course)

      congratulations on all you have posted thus far–it’s been amazing.

      • Thanks for your kind words. Actually, I think you might be right about the geometry thing. I was thinking of just doing people for a while, but that would be repetitive for anyone stopping here fairly often. I’d pull the all-nighter if I didn’t have an 18-month old. That wouldn’t be survivable. 🙂

  4. I think this is a striking image and I don’t know why. It seems to have some humor to it, too (again, I can’t say why). Will you be ending your blog when you post the 365th? (I hope not). I’ve had lack of sleep, too, the past couple nights due to a sick cat… Hope you catch some ZZ’s soon.

    • Still working on catching up. Shooting this was inspired by something, but I can’t remember what. That happens to me from time to time. I have a reason to shoot something for some specific purpose, and when I finally get around to doing it, I’m not sure what purposed the endeavor. Comes with parenting?

      I’m not sure what I’ll do with the blog when I get to 365 days. The goal was to build up a portfolio in one year and to see how many days in a row I could make a quality image. 365 isn’t a bad outcome 🙂 …but now I have decisions to make. Will I (should I) post every day from here on out? Am I capable of doing it? Maybe I’ll take a week off and dive back in. Maybe I’ll just trudge forward. It’s fun to wonder about what to do, for me.

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