What to say about a warehouse door

I’ve disliked most of what I’ve written lately. Words used to be very important to me, but at some point images became more important, or maybe they were always most important. I remember “reading” Sports Illustrated as a kid. Actually, I looked at the photos and read the captions more often than I read the articles. It was kind of important to me to see how the caption associated with the image. Did it work? Did I need to read the article (or much of the article) after just looking at the photos and blurbs below them?

Sometimes, when I’m writing this blog, I kind of think of my commentary as those captions. Rather than explain the image, however, I’d like them to help find a meaning or something stronger I’d wish to convey in the photo. Then I feel like I’m cheating, or cheating the image. Maybe they should always just stand up on their own? If words are cheap, am I cheapening the value of the photograph? I’d like to think not, but when you’re trying to explain how there is this beautiful decay in the organization of repeating values about an old warehouse door, you feel kind of stupid.
What to say about a warehouse door
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2 Comments to “What to say about a warehouse door”

  1. Mike of “Mike’s Look at Life” would like this. He photographs many doors, and many decaying buildings, out West. . . .
    It *is* lovely, whether with a caption or without! Plus the shadows inside the door are almost another picture themselves. . . .nice.

    • I sat on it for 8 months before posting. It was partly because I wasn’t sure how to “make” the photo – the other part was I really didn’t think I could write about it. I agree on the framing. Everything is repeated.

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