Stumbling on Canal Street

I’ve been here before, tried this before, failed at this before. This is a tricky intersection. There are lots of ways to go with it, and previously I was setting up for it to be a vertical shot. In the end it needed to be more of a landscape, and it also required a guy hailing a cab… and failing miserably at that. I think he crossed over to the far side of the street and tried a few times over there. I tried that side once, too. For me, it finally worked out with this one.
Stumbling on Canal Street
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2 Comments to “Stumbling on Canal Street”

  1. Nice. The photo has a surreal feel to it. Not sure if it is the processing or the nearly empty city, or maybe both.

    • Thank you, Mark. I felt it was kind of surreal-looking, too. I’m glad you see it that way! This is a kind of strange part of Chicago where you feel away from the major skyscrapers and yet they are right above you. I think that helps to give it that empty feeling.

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