Intermodal ramps at Jeff Park

Due to the weather, I took a cab and two trains home. I had walked two blocks to take one photo, but when I got there the sky opened up. I thought I had a space of 15 minutes, but I’d only had five. I stayed under a covering and waived down a cab to drive me in the downpour to a train that would take me to another train I could’ve caught just three block away, but my camera gear would get soaked going that way, even in the bag. There’s no covering to get to the train, and my phone lit up with “Flash flood warning for your area,” it was coming down that hard. So, the cabbie had to take me to a different train that travels for about 18 minutes and then links up with the train I should have originally been riding. Confusing? I was impressed with myself that I figured out how to put this little trip together in the space of just a couple of minutes.

This connection point is an intermodal transport center with everything from buses to taxis to the two trains I switched between. As you go from one platform to the other, you encounter these ramps. I think they’re just for wheelchairs and such, but they kind of reminded me of a line to a roller coaster the way they snake back and forth between one another. I can’t imagine anyone queuing up to stand around here. The trash over there on the left side was a nice touch, and it smelled like pee. Still looks cool in black & white! It took me an extra 15 minutes to get home this way.
Intermodal ramps at Jeff Park
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4 Comments to “Intermodal ramps at Jeff Park”

  1. Very cool shot. Wonderful use of black and white!

  2. Shot with a canon, or shot with a blunderbuss…..either way it’s on target…..

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