Mirror wall intersection

I’ve tried to be more aware of details in recent shoots, so I picked an intersection the other night and stayed there for the ten minutes I had. Just as I was about to leave these cars’ bumpers peaked out from behind the marble wall on my left, so I set up to get them as they made their initial move. The effect is not quite the double image I expected, but it is still very effective to my eye. Often times when shooting at night long exposures and low ISO levels are beneficial, but in this situation a shutter speed of a second or less was needed in order to give the outline of the vehicles. I had to correct a lot of noise in the resulting image, but that’s kind of fun when you know the result is executed to your satisfaction.
Mirror wall intersection
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6 Comments to “Mirror wall intersection”

  1. it’s a great photo, the leading lines into the moving traffic is very effective

  2. beautiful and technically impressive, as so many of your photographs are.

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