Much to consider… like a car on the roof

The overabundance of signage should give it away, but parking is most ridiculous in Chicago. I won’t even explain it, because if you don’t live here or haven’t visited every parking story sounds like a fish tale. Trust me, there are potentially no worse places in the world (we’re talking major metropolis) with parking so expensive and complicated.

My favorite part of this image is the car on the roof. It’s completely ridiculous, and yet it’s very easily explained. I believe that’s a parking garage on the upper right that happens to share the roof of this building. Nothing to it, though I had to wonder why that fire escape door is open. Maybe Jason Bourne landed his vehicle on the roof from a nearby building and slipped the authorities?
Much to consider
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2 Comments to “Much to consider… like a car on the roof”

  1. but look how available it is, N.P.

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