Those bloomin’ flowers

First off, I’m not happy with the title of this post. I do like how the English say “bloomin’ this” and “bloomin’ that” (as a replacement for bloody, I assume), but I don’t like this title to be seemingly a reference to one Australian-themed restaurant’s strange appetizer. I’m forgiving myself for that, but I’m still not thrilled about it. I just didn’t know what to title a photo about flowers on my blog.

But look at this! Just two days after saying I don’t really get flower photos… I post a flower(s) photo. This is many flowers… or would that be better read: these are many flowers? I found the pinks more beautiful but also more abundant. The yellows therefore provided a nice contrast, especially the few unopened ones with their green-edged petals. I might do one more flower photo in the coming days. I’ll have to really think hard about it. There have only been maybe a handful of those on this blog, and one of them was actually a photo of flowers painted on a building, so that doesn’t count. I’m on something like a one-flower-photo-per-quarter kick, which is probably best for me.
Those bloomin' flowers
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