Garden on the wall – or is that in the wall? Or is that in a box on a wall? Yes.

We kicked around the Chicago Botanic Garden this morning for a couple of hours. I was struck with just how many photographers were there – with tripods. They were all scurrying around like ants – this almost aimless directive helping them to negotiate between the different newly opened flowers. I like flowers and enjoy photographing them, but there’s something about it that I don’t get. It’s some kind of obvious pretty to me. Don’t get me wrong, I snapped a few tulips (it’s May, yo), but photographically I’m more interested in having to seek for the beauty in something else entirely. There was a chunk of the day where I felt myself slightly claustrophobic in what I was shooting – it too easily wanted to come together as it was laid out, and I wanted it to be less constructed.

Then I found this box. It was entirely constructed, manipulated, obvious and gorgeous. I looked it over for a while wondering how they’d kept the plants from falling out and then decided to just enjoy it for being really nice to look at. I remembered that often simple is quite good. Photos came a lot easier from there on. I’ll be sharing a handful of them over the next days or week, or two.
Garden on the wall
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6 Comments to “Garden on the wall – or is that in the wall? Or is that in a box on a wall? Yes.”

  1. The most of vertical gardening is for the show in short period of time. It is quite easy to dry out because lack of the soil for each plant to hold, plus gravity… And often they have to be grown flat on the ground until the plants root well then they put it vertically for the show, if you follow up for the time being, you will see the growth wasn’t as impressive than grow in the ground. It is more like outdoor décor than real gardening, I think.

    • Seems like you know your stuff! Originally, I just thought this looked cool. Now I wonder if building it might be fun. The key would be to build it to retain water & soil, I think. Then you’d have a fighting chance for a spring/summer.

      • It is still going to be fun to build and enjoy it for certain time for sure! Try drought tolerant plants first then you can monitor how the watering last. Just tricky that water always going down before the top level soil all get watered first…

      • We’ll see. I might just stick with the photography!?

  2. The makings of a strangely surreal photograph. I don’t really get flower photography either, but I like this, because it’s quirky, and also a little bit claustrophobic and weird. Hope you’re doing okay 🙂

    • Doing fine, thanks. Hope you are as well! That’s cool that you find it surreal. Sometimes I feel that the more straight-on you can get with a subject, the less real it looks – because we never are straight on with a subject in normal circumstances.

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