Drama fence

The line “it has no personality” makes me cringe. People say things all the time that lack thought, and “that lacks personality” is one of them. Nothing lacks personality. You may not like it. It may lack volume. Someone may think it is boring or basic, but all descriptors are attempts distinguish character. They try to define or manifest something in a subject. If you see nothing, you lack vision. That’s the problem!

Take, for instance, this fence. It’s fairly ordinary. Gray. Washed of its former color. Stark. Dry, rigid and gritty. At first glance it’s any fence. The color of autumn behind it overwhelms it. You could try to say it lacks personality. Maybe you focus on a portion of the fourth definition of the word: distinction or excellence of personal and social traits. How does such narrow tailoring of meaning become such a throwaway thing to say about something? Anything? It’s really strange to me. This fence in it’s gray, washed-out, stark, dry, rigid grittiness cuts the scene. It makes a statement. It builds up the drama. It functions in the photo, and that brings mood to the composition. I like drama in a photo, but not in real life, so I’m sorry to call you out.
Drama fence
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2 Comments to “Drama fence”

  1. The texture of the wood is filled with drama, a great image is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, that is what you have done here. nice work.

  2. Thanks, Ben. You’re too kind!

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