The crisis clock

I’m normally in a panic when I encounter this clock. Not a personal crisis-type of panic, but a rush to make a train. This is the big clock that hangs over the second floor of the Ogilvie train terminal in the West Loop. It looks kind of small up there, but my guess is that the clock is maybe six feet tall? I’ll have to look at it again tonight to see if that seems right to me. Anyway, I’m in a panic because I’m always arriving just a couple of minutes before my train leaves. I travel at night, and the trains only depart every hour or so, so you don’t want to miss them… and they move their departure location far too often for my liking. You arrive in that walk-run manner, wonder where the heck your train is, locate and RUN! I never miss it. Maybe once.

Because I’m always so hurried I’d never stopped to shoot the clock before. Last night I entered the building with ten minutes to spare. After buying a ticket, I slyly positioned myself centrally in the station to grab this photo. I’m really happy with how it turned out! The security guards even ignored me, so for once I wasn’t hurried nor harried in the making of one of my photos. Perfect.
The crisis clock
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2 Comments to “The crisis clock”

  1. Love this…..and it’s true….there is never enough time to stop or go back to take that shot….and I’m retired…..

  2. If you’re busy, and engaged… there’s just never enough time, period. 🙂

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