Chapel ceiling through the window

This ruined abbey had a chapel tucked back into a section most people were ignoring, but it was very cool to look at. I went around the corner to shoot through this window, and because I didn’t have a tripod to steady my camera I had to balance my little point-and-shoot on the the stone window ledge. That leaves the base of the window in frame, but it also gives you a sense of the scale. If I remember correctly, the window is about four or five feet high, and the ceiling stretches about 20 feet up overhead. I’m probably wrong, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back to measure any time soon. I was more interested in the subtle coloring in the stone – the green and the orange – so, I embellished them.
Chapel ceiling through the window
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4 Comments to “Chapel ceiling through the window”

  1. Cool – very gothic! Great angle and fabulous DOF. Have a fabulous week! Robyn

  2. The colour is amazing and brings so much to the image. IMHO it has quite a contrasted feel and not as “clean” as your other images and it works really well.

    • I think part of that contrast and grain is due to using a point-and-shoot, but then the walls are a gritty stone. I’m glad you like the color. I was contemplating a re-edit, but sometimes I can’t get motivated to do that sort of thing. It takes a lot of creative energy to attack the same thing twice and end up with a different-enough result that it works a second time.

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