The Hancock in the purple

It’s back to the beach as I continue to unload the remainder of the photos I took at Fullerton Beach. I think there are only two or three left now, and originally the plan was to share maybe two… or three. I’m not sure how many I’ve posted now, but it’s probably a week’s worth of images. This came just moments before sunrise but after first light had colored a little bit of purple into the sky around the city. I had to tweak this so it would come across the right way. Tweaking is good in photography.
The Hancock in the purple
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2 Comments to “The Hancock in the purple”

  1. I love the straight line of the buildings contrasted with the slant of the posts at the bottom of the shot.

    Also, these colors are heavenly. Very calming.

  2. Ah, I missed this comment somehow! I try to respond to everyone within 24 hours, so my apologies. I’m glad you compared the buildings to the posts, though it wasn’t my intention to relate the two originally. Only after I went to process this photo about a week ago did I realize that I should go in this direction. And yes, mornings in Chicago along the lake are beautiful. Give it a try sometime…. 🙂

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