Snow in late April

Exactly 15 days ago I made mention of probably not posting any snow photos for months due to the weather finally warming up. Last night I looked out the window at a distance and saw rain falling through what I thought was dense fog. The street lights showed it coming down in streaks. This was strange, so I walked across the room to press my nose up against the glass, and realized it was snow. Snow! We don’t get snow very often on April 19th. That’s stuff for Upstate New York. I remember once seeing it snow in early May up there.

This morning I made sure to take some photos of the quickly-disappearing snow. By 9 a.m. it was left only in patches. By 11 a.m. it remained in just the shadows. I like this kind of snow – not because it melts so soon after falling. I like how it creates contrast against the green grass and the sprouting plants. It’s like the water-sprayed vegetables at the grocery store. They’re clean and crisp.
Snow in late April
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