A day for a gaze

Today was one of those surreal days where things just seem off. For me it started with following Boston, Massachusetts and Federal law enforcement in an unprecedentedly accessible manhunt via social media, especially on Twitter. I was busy editing photos before getting pretty wrapped up in the coverage for a couple of hours before bed. Already a bit tired from watching it unfold, the first bother confronted me with barely making a train this morning after a young woman was stuck unable to understand how to pay for her parking. That made me the unlucky soul anxiously waiting behind her to pay my own. It worked out, barely.

The train rolled past some massively flooded areas, places I’d seen flooded before, but after 40 hours of downpour they were incoherently high with water. It was a weird day at work where very little seemed to go right. No need to bore with the details. On my way home it was back on Twitter to witness the capture of Suspect 2. My daughter fought sleep for hours tonight, and now I look out the window and think I see fog clouding the streetlights. No, it’s snow. There’s a dusting on the ground already, and it appears we could get a bit more.

If only this were my view.
A day for a gaze
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