Black & white is alright and all right!

This was all set up to be a massive color shot. I had it all planned out. The prominent building is all red and blue and gray, the blurred vehicle is a bright yellow cab. Other things pop, too, and that anchoring auto is nice and dark like it is in the black & white version you’re getting here. Where’s the color, you ask? When I got done with editing everything I hated the look of it. That happens to me on about one in five or six photos I do. I have this plan or idea, and then at the end I hate it and everything gets a subtle or drastic makeover. Tonight it went from color-splashed to colorless, but that’s cool because I haven’t done a lot of those in recent days.

If you look closely into the parked car, there’s a guy in there. He was waiting for either a friend or family member working at Dunkin Donuts to close shop. If I remember things correctly, I think he pulled up and stopped in the middle of framing this up, which I could have allowed to drive me crazy. I didn’t. Instead, I decided to work him into the shot. He didn’t care what I was doing, so in the end he gets kudos for being the way a photography subject should be: awesome.
Black  & white is alright and all right
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6 Comments to “Black & white is alright and all right!”

  1. I love this shot as a black and white, I have not seen the colour but i don’t think the contrast would have been as strong . I would also have been annoyed if a car pulled up when composing the shot, As the image show sometimes you have to go with the flow.

    • Yes, I’m very go-with-the-flow, but I do find myself saying “Really? You had to do that now?” a lot of times when shooting something. People just can’t help but do something strange and in the way. Sometimes it helps, though! And yes, the color took away from the contrasting elements, despite everything being different colors. It lacked balance.

  2. the guy in the car adds an element of everyday life to this shot that really, really adds a lot to it. Great photo!

    • Thanks, Luke, and thanks for commenting! I always like it when new people stop by. I felt like he had to be in the photo once he was cool about me snapping the shots. I agree, he’s important to the photo, especially in the way he’s ignoring the rush of the cab going past.

  3. This is incredible in black and white. It’s so dramatic and so sleek. I’m glad you pointed out the guy in the car; that just may be my favorite part of this photo.

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