Caught between stations

There’s a lot in this photo. I was walking down the street and just froze realizing what was here, and took about ten minutes after setting up to just wait for a moment. After shooting about 30 shots I felt I had something. What I didn’t know is I captured this guy sprinting down the street. I hadn’t even noticed him! Where he was going, or why… that is not known, not when you catch a ghost in frame. Certainly he’s between where he was and where he’s going. That was enough for me. I’m quite happy with this rendering of the image. It took me hours to complete and multiple tries to get right. I know it won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. So, I’m happy it’s mine. There’s just so much happening in the photo, and I draw a lot of different meanings out of it. I won’t share any of them. That’s everyone else’s job to decide what it’s about to them!
Caught between stations
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6 Comments to “Caught between stations”

  1. This is a powerful image, Nev…..a great capture and interpretation.The building has an ominous presence as it looms over the street and helps to emphasise the tension of the action. Reducing the contrast so that the focus is on the figure and the vehicles is very effective. I don’t know what it’s about either, though it has the quality of a clip from a movie….and it really holds your attention……….and it reminds me of that dream of trying to run and not making any headway.
    The dynamic of the nearest car is dramatic and helps to define the space for the rest of the action…’s great that it seems to ask more questions than can be answered….

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