For the birds or for the audience?

I’ve had a change of heart over my Fullerton Beach photos. I’d been holding back from posting many of them, mostly because of my initial stance that producing what I consider to be cliche or typical viewpoints of the city was not going to be what this blog is about. I felt like doing what is expected or unoriginal is for the birds. Now I feel like it doesn’t really matter. I just want great images on this blog, and it probably is of no consideration to whomever shows up, anyway. There’s been a lot of really nice feedback on these images, too, so why hold them back from seeing the light of day? Oh, that’s perfect, this was at daybreak, and birds are part of the leading line to something more concrete. Well, I guess that’s a skyscraper made of metal and glass not concrete. You don’t care. You weren’t reading into anything anyway…
FOr the birds or for the audience?
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10 Comments to “For the birds or for the audience?”

  1. nice composition & how picturesque these was a bird on each one

  2. How amazing that there’s one bird per post! Great composition, and I love the texture of the water.

    • Yes, for me this was about the water more than it was about anything else. I wanted it to look a bit weird color- and texture-wise. You have a good eye! But you missed that one post is not with bird, sigh. 🙂

  3. Nice saturation and processing, Nev…..are those lighthouses in the distance..?

  4. I liked your last lakefront shot, and this is a winner, too! HDR processing here?

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