Civic Opera (haunted) House… or the one just like the other one

Chicago’s Civic Opera House is an amazing building. It owns a unique architectural history and stands out among many famous old buildings in the city. At night this columned breezeway is still beautiful, but it almost looks haunted. Catch a dude walking through it with a hood on, and it really gets creepy. Awesome! One of these days I’ll shoot the building properly and make it purdy.

This was an image shot much earlier this year, but when I was processing my photo from LaSalle Street this past week I realized how similar the two photos actually are. They have similar leading lines and structure, though they are entirely different subjects. I included the LaSalle shot for review. Test on Tuesday.
Civic Opera (haunted) House
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20 seconds in the middle of LaSalle


2 Comments to “Civic Opera (haunted) House… or the one just like the other one”

  1. Both are great shots, and both with a figure……presumably with very fast bracketing sequences…

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