Different angle, same subject

When I first entered onto this little strip of Milwaukee Avenue my attention centered on these utility trucks parked along the curb and how much they leaned into the gutter. I put together all of my initial shots crooked, like this one. Eventually I went with more traditional compositions, and a few of those were added to the blog in recent weeks. I remember I was often like that in school. I’d get an assignment, find a way of doing it that kind of applied in an off-centered way, then went about fitting it into the class as perhaps others might find it acceptable. It’s like reverse editing. Look at it warped, make it acceptable.

I’ve come back to this one, my initial point of interest, and twisted it left and right, added blur, taken the blur away, untwisted, shaken and stirred. The only thing I like about it is what initially drew me to it – that it needed to feel bent. So it is. I may have allowed the other shots to fall into some kind of standardized slant, but lean this one must.
Different angle, same subject
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