I haven’t been myself of late

Ever hear someone say something that’s just so throwaway you wonder if they ever say anything original? When asked how I’m doing today – and I have been a little bit ill the past 24-36 hours – I almost said, “I haven’t been myself of late.” But catching myself just before doing so I think I managed to flip out something like, “I’m decent.” That wasn’t quite the truth, but it beats something that means nothing, right? The only reason I had “I haven’t been myself of late” on my mind is because I think I heard someone say it on a train or in passing. It just struck me as a funny thing to say. Sayings sometimes stick in my head like songs do, and just like the worst songs I retain the least worthwhile utterances.

I kind of want to do a photo series on throwaway lines like that. The titles will be the names of the photos. I can’t think up many good examples on the spot, but “I haven’t been myself of late” will look like today’s post – really messed up. Upside down, messed up, vertigo-inducing and devoid of color. That’s not being myself of late, at least for me. OK, I thought of one more: “Hey what’s up? Nothin'” will be a blank shot of nothing. I’m not sure if it will be all black or all white. Maybe Gray.
I haven't been myself of late
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2 Comments to “I haven’t been myself of late”

  1. Hope you feel better soon! Great image today…..thought provoking. I like that! Blessings, Robyn

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