Framing up Fullerton Beach before Fall

Back to a familiar and favorite spot among Chicago photographers for various reasons. I’ve never posted from this deep, which is the traditional viewpoint from Fullerton Beach as far as I’m concerned. When you get back this far you earn yourself an obvious line to the buildings as frame by the pilings and the curvature of the rock wall against the rock & concrete beach.

I’ve been feeling a bit claustrophobic walking through downtown without a chance to visit expansive viewpoints. This late summer shot was a last chance to enjoy decent temperatures before the ceiling caved in with winter cold. Tonight it’s pouring rain and we’re dropping back into the 30s. In fact it just feel to 39 as I’m writing this. I’ll be hoping to have a decent shoot day this weekend, but things are not looking up as the rain may carry through into Saturday.
Framing up Fullerton Beach before Fall
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2 Comments to “Framing up Fullerton Beach before Fall”

  1. I never get tired of seeing your photos from this location. They are all stunning !

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