Walking Wilmette Beach, kind of

My daughter is past old enough to walk, but she’s not too interested in the matter. We took her to the beach today along with her grandmother thinking it would be a good trial-and-error location (soft-yet-firm sand helps both the feet and the falls), but she was more interested in digging her fingers in the sand and watching the seagulls running from the waves. It’s a process. One day Evangeline will likely outdo me in everything. Today she made me laugh.

Her little feet trudged through the sand past this bench on the way out. The multi-trunked tree on the right (or are those three trees?) acts like a perfect canopy over the sitting spot. I’ll have to return in summer to see how this looks full of leaves. I felt it was a fitting shot to capture the end of an outing on a cool-breeze Sunday with a high of 57 (14 Celsius). We’re attempting to get on our feet weather-wise, too. Green stuff is sprouting out of the ground, but there are no buds on the trees.
Walking Wilmette Beach, kind of
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2 Comments to “Walking Wilmette Beach, kind of”

  1. I imagine it will be stunning once the leafs bloom! What a perfect-looking spot.

    • Yes, it will look good in a couple of months. I’ll definitely go back this summer at some point. It’s kind of cool how the winter weather left the bench somewhat submerged due to nobody about to uncover it.

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