Red lines, green signs

Lately there’s been little time to shoot and little time to search for something to shoot as well. I’m very frustrated that I haven’t been out on a proper photo shoot – one where I’m only looking for photos for the bulk of a day – since September. It’s continually weighing on me, and I don’t like that things have gone that direction. It’s amazing how everything else can slow that progression. I’m simply thankful I’ve had slivers of time to produce enough photos that are quality enough that I’m happy with posting them. I take this very seriously, sharing my photography daily. It’s important that those who stumble on this site are not disappointed the first time here with potentially sub-par work. That’s my attitude, anyway.

The upside (not that there is much) of lacking shooting windows is that it takes me back to my older work. I’m forced to consider shots that I’d previously either passed over or that couldn’t beat out another old image to make it onto the blog. Today is one of those instances – a photo I like, but one that simply didn’t get an opportunity to be shown due to various reasons. That includes flow. I try to vary the images I present in order to avoid slipping into patterns. This image was taken on a relatively warm night in early June. I was playing around with my gear in different ways – using lenses against their intention, if that’s actually a legitimate consideration. I was playing around with artificial blur at the time as well, therefor the artificial look of this. To me, it still works. It was about using the red of the tail lights against the green and yellow of the signs. I liked how the red echoed off the viaduct wall and gave off a feeling of power or almost anger.
Red lines, green signs
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