Taking a few swings at The Bat & security

This is possibly the fastest front-to-back edit-to-blog entry I’ve ever made. I forgot to make a photo today, I was just that busy. It dawned on me at 11:31 p.m., so I jumped on the computer, grabbed this latest shot, edited it in 11 minutes, and voila! Blog post! I know you’re thrilled. It was definitely an exciting experience in a stomach-knotting way. I’ve only been late twice, and I’ve never missed a post for a single day in maybe 290 days straight. I was a little nervous I could get this done.

And here I am still writing with just nine minutes to midnight and the tick-tock of the deadline looming over me. I must tell this story, though… quickly! I was in a government building plaza shooting this sculpture called “The Bat” you see in the photo when a security officer came over. I noticed he had a gun. I wasn’t allowed to shoot in the plaza. I had to stand on the sidewalk, he explained. I gave him a slightly hard time about this, saying the sidewalk was difficult to differentiate from the plaza, but he was pretty “with it” and set it straight for me. Then he said I could actually shoot in the plaza if I didn’t shoot the plaza’s building, and I couldn’t use a tripod no matter what direction I shot from within the plaza. So I could shoot, but I couldn’t shoot at the building, and I couldn’t use my tripod. Long story short, this became a hand-held HDR of the bat sculpture from in the plaza. I kind of pointed my camera up too high so I got the precious government building in the shot in the upper left corner. Accidentally, of course.
Taking a few swings at The Bat & security
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7 Comments to “Taking a few swings at The Bat & security”

  1. At least the security guard would talk and tell you where you could stand and what you could shoot. I have had experiences when they have told me If I take a picture here (the general area) he will call the police.
    I tip my hat to the security guard you spoke to.

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