Butterflies inside – when’s spring?

We’ve been hovering around freezing again. Today it climbed up into the mid-40s. Pretty sweet. There are only hints of spring if you look hard enough, maybe a bulb here or a bit of green there. It’s coming at the end of this week, I hear. The building next to mine put these butterflies up in the lobby with some greenery underneath. The air blows just enough to make them move (they hang by strings from the lattice above), and if you get the timing just right it looks like they are flitting around. I think my daughter might like this.

I forgot to stash my memory card back in my 5D Mark II, so I took this one with my T3i. I decided to take it a step further and popped the kit lens on the camera, arguably the worst lens I own. It’s kind of grainy, but you can still get a quality photo out of anything. This is not an HDR image. The lighting is pretty good in there to do it straight out of camera, so this is one of those rare images on this blog that is not even a composite. A single frame. Pretty sweet.
Butterflies inside - when's spring?
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