Thick moss, Deep South

I saw somebody write on Google+ recently that earning followers in various social media is a hollow venture. I guess I can appreciate the concern. I’ve kind of wondered what’s good or bad or even the point on the matter, but as I’ve crept up over 200 here and 300 there it’s kind of got me wondering about all of that again. I’m very grateful that people want to follow my blog, but I’ll endlessly wonder to what end? I hope everyone that does takes something from it even if it isn’t much. As I whittle away toward 300 blog posts without a day off I still have no way of knowing whether progress is being made on my end, though I do enjoy posting photos on a daily basis. Over on the right (in the sidebar column) are different ways to follow the blog via Twitter and Facebook if you don’t want emails clogging up your inbox.

Spanish moss can be kind of dingy and even scary looking in certain settings – especially at night! I like it very much. It creates atmosphere, and here, over this graveyard I was walking around, it really made for an interesting overhead. In parts of Florida and Louisiana swamp country it gets so thick that it can help block out the sun over bayous and in forests to make for a mysterious aura. You have to like that when there are 200-year-old tombs scattered about. I left the headstones out of this shot. The patterns of the moss between the branches was enough for me.
Thick moss, Deep South
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10 Comments to “Thick moss, Deep South”

  1. i understand the concern about the amount of followers; i’m sure most of mine are ghosts .. i have about 20-30 people who i hear feedback from regularly which is amazing, i appreciate it so much

    anyways enough about that,
    i love big trees like these, reminds me of something out of lord of the rings or similar. great in close capturing

    • Hi, Chloe. Yes, I prefer to have some interaction with people rather than just know people are following. I guess I’m not really complaining, just wondering out loud what the point is… if it’s to accrue followers or find like-minded people sharing photography. I think the latter sounds pretty good, but it could also be self serving or hollow in a different way. Not sure. I don’t pretend to know what I’m talking about!

      My favorite Lord of the Rings film is the second one, but the third got all of the credit… thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m following you because I think your work is vibrant, interesting, and inspiring! You didn’t ask, but I thought I’d tell you anyway. 🙂

    I’ve definitely come to realize that the number of followers doesn’t really equate to much. I’ve especially noticed this on Tumblr, where I have over 200 followers and a range of 2 – 8 notes per photo. It just makes me appreciate the few who seem to truly enjoy and get something from my photos.

    Back to your photo: this is another gorgeous capture. We have so much moss around my campus and I’ve been wanting to take even a decent photo of it, but I’m never satisfied. This, on the other hand, is lovely. I love the grandness of it; how the branches and moss take up the whole frame.

    • Hi, Taylor. I follow you for similar reasons… thanks for sharing…

      I have a friend with maybe 20,000 followers on Instagram. I’m not sure I’d want to have the bulk of followers there, but I’m always stunned with how many people he can reach with a snapshot from his phone!

      If you want a hint on shooting trees such as these (rhyme!), the easiest or best way to do it is to shoot them from a distance and zoom in. This shot is actually shot from maybe 50-75 yards away from the trees. When you do this they become compressed and look closer together, especially if you’re zooming in. That way you get all the layers. Hope that helps. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hello~ I thank you for this gorgeous image you captured! Everything about it is what I love about our oaks here in FL. I sent a request to you in a message on your Facebook page because I’d really like to use this image as photo-reference for a painting (I can offer my appreciation by sending you a color copy of the painting if I am able to accomplish this with success). Would you grant permission to me? I guess it would be classified as permission to use a “derivative” of your image because I am trying to paint it with realism using similar composition and color. Please reply on Facebook. This photo is so nice:)

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