Marks on a wall

If you look closely at this wall you begin to see etchings of names and dates – some going back as far as 1880. This wall inside of an old fort in northern Florida is part of a jail cell that probably housed multiple prisoners simultaneously. I didn’t have a wide-enough lens to get further back on this wall, and I didn’t want to, either. It needs to be tight or claustrophobic. Though the room isn’t the smallest cell you’ve ever seen, sharing the quarters with a bunch of men must have made it feel uncomfortably cramped.

I don’t think I would have left my mark on the wall. Who would want to be remembered for being stuck in a cell? Then I began to wonder if these people actually existed at all; what’s stopping a person from carving the wall up just for tourists to gawk over? I mean, someone might take a photograph and post it on a blog.
Marks on a wall
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