Escaping the cold light in a dark tunnel

Continuing to take different walks on my way through the city has been a good thing of late. I’ve noticed previously that my eyes follow redundant patterns when I walk the usual route(s); I’m stuck looking in the same directions at the same things I’ve seen before. There might be more photographs to be had along those ways, but I get stuck on what I’ve already considered not to be quite good enough. By the time I’ve made my way, it’s over. There’s nothing new in camera.

On this day I walked backward from my landing spot in the city just one block, then just a couple of blocks out of my way before continuing to head toward my target. Everything seemed new, and I was just a block off my usual pattern. I stopped in three locations to take photos, and this was the last, when my hands were numb from the below-freezing temps and blowing wind. This year produced an average winter in Chicago by most accounts, but it’s still hanging on tight as the calendar has ticked over into spring. The light is bright, but it isn’t warming us up at all. This car, like myself, escaped the winds into the tunnel, but it’s dark as can be in there.
Escaping the cold light in a dark tunnel
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