Some photos I’d almost forgotten about

My last post had me thinking about meeting up with the JOBY guy about 11 months ago regarding that 10-22mm lens that I didn’t buy. Part of me wishes I owned it now, but I went in a different direction photographically and that was the right move. I do want to show a couple of the photos I shot with it in the three minutes I had time to play with it. Basically, we sat down and talked, I popped it on my camera, shot 3-4 bracketed frames, gave it back, and processed these images. Because I was referring to that meeting in my last post, I wanted to see what I’d produced with little time to think. Sometimes it’s fun to do that sort of thing. The lens does a nice job of warping images – which I love. These were shot at 10mm in a crop-sensor Canon T3i – which means they’re actually at 16mm in real measurement.
MPPL facade

MPPL terrace


3 Comments to “Some photos I’d almost forgotten about”

  1. Hi. I work for Mount Prospect Public Library and am wondering if you would mind if we used your photo on our Facebook page at some point. Thank for considering.

    -Cynthia Dieden
    Virtual Services Librarian
    Mount Prospect Public Library

  2. Hi, Cynthia. I’m flattered you’re interested in the image. Can you tell me what the library might be using it for on the Facebook page? Thanks.

  3. Hello-
    Sorry it has been so long since I replied! We might be interested in using it for our cover photo at some point. Thanks for being willing to let us use it.

    Cynthia Dieden
    Virtual Services Librarian
    Mount Prospect Public Library

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