Snow, GorillaMobile pod and two photos in one

I woke up this morning to a new snowfall. It was only a dusting, but the week of weather we’re having makes it feel like spring is further away than hoped for. It is 19 degrees as I write this, and I think the low tomorrow is scheduled for 16. That’s -10 currently and -9 for tomorrow’s low for you Celsius types. Not the best news. I was able to take a handful of photos today, despite the cold (and rain), but once it started blowing around a bit more it was impossible to keep my lens dry.

You can see snow out the window in this photo. I set up my JOBY GorillaMobile with my iPhone to make a movie of the snowfall and then just turned it around at the last second to see how clean a photo of the live iPhone video would come out in my Canon. Pretty good! This GorillaMobile is my favorite new photography accessory of 2013. It is pretty cool. You can put the thing anywhere and capture anything. I’m certainly going to try a bunch of different things with it – including time-lapse videos, etc. I’ve actually met the guy who does all their photography for the advertising and their website. He shoots a bunch of shots of the product with different light from the same location and then masks them all together to make a nice clean shot of the tripod. Here, I just used three exposures for the photon – no light manipulation whatsoever. He was going to sell me a lens in April of last year, but it didn’t work out in the end. Kind of interesting that I ended up buying one of his company’s products instead. That’s my story.
Snow, GorillaMobile pod and two photos in one
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