Eternal night is ending – More from under the L

It’s quite dramatic the change in daylight hours once we push the clocks an hour ahead. I caught myself noticing sunlight still illuminating the backyard at 7 p.m. this evening. Just a few short weeks ago we plunged into darkness at 4:30 p.m. When you live primarily indoors during winter, and when the sun sets so early, you feel like it’s dark all the time – especially with the almost perpetual gray winter skies. Now that we’re coming into longer days I’ll be shooting more daylight scenes. That’s welcomed on my part. I was tiring of streetlights guiding my compositions.

I don’t shoot a lot of photos from under the L tracks (we call our subway that due to its elevated nature in many areas), but this is my second in as many weeks. I’d never walked west on Lake at night from this side of the street and found it opens up nicely to the Thompson Center. After trying a few shots with multiple light trails in multiple directions, I decided on keeping the cabs that were coming in my direction still. I think this was simply my disdain for their pulling up and stopping – they were thinking I needed a ride and subsequently ruined my long exposure takes. What about a camera around your neck makes them think you’re flagging them down? Surely a hand waive makes more sense.
More from under the L
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