Corn cobs and neighbors

I understand people call the Marina City towers “corn cobs,” but I’ve never heard anyone actually say it. I decided a long time ago that I would like to live here in my young adult life; then I saw a floor plan. They’re actually cut out with pie-shaped rooms, which means angular walls. That doesn’t really appeal to me, nor does sky-rise living. Still, the towers are a cool part of the Chicago River scene. The lighted balconies remain lit pretty much all year long, I think. The IBM building and Trump tower stand to the right in frame. You can see how low the cloud ceiling is on this night with the red light of the Trump Tower antenna getting diffused just overhead.
Corn cobs and neighbors
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4 Comments to “Corn cobs and neighbors”

  1. I don’t remember noticing these when I was in Chicago although I was only there very briefly. Nice shot.

  2. Wow, those buildings! I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautiful coloring here, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Taylor. I couldn’t actually go full-throttle on the color here, because it warped the image pretty bad. Maybe that helps you imagine how colorful I was considering making this!

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