Looking away from the crowd

Ever since I entered photo contests more recently I’ve become aware of my approach changing. For the time being it’s a good thing, but I hope it doesn’t last that long. I think I’ve played it more safe due to thinking about how people will receive my photos. Previously I just wanted to make things I thought were cool or interesting. Lately it’s become more of what appeals to an audience. I think that’s left me toning down images and color and focusing more on form and composition. I know I’m an off-beat photographer when it comes to capturing a scene, and there’s good reason for that. As a TV photographer I always wanted to capture an event differently from my opponents. I watched how they worked and attempted to squeeze into places they hadn’t considered. It became a formula, really. I got things they never considered.

With photography in general, however, I don’t want to be systematic or formulaic with approach. I try to vary what I do and never repeat photos from the same place in back-to-back succession. I have no problem reproducing a scene twice or a few times after my original post from whatever particular setting – but that’s not what I mean by becoming repetitious in execution. My concern is to not yield to expectations. I would rather stand out than stand together in a crowd. I’d rather not do what wins contests and still win them anyway. That leads us to today’s image…

I’ve shot the Picasso a bunch of times. It’s always over my shoulder every day I’m in the city. The challenge is to capture it when it is surrounded by a different atmosphere on a given day, or when it appears to be lit in a way that is superior or extraordinary to the average passing. This particular image I saved three different ways before choosing one for the blog. The other two were too dark or lacked color. For this one I accentuated the misty rain with a paintbrush affect and stripped out the contrast. I wanted it to be cold and away, turning it’s shoulder from usual.
Looking away from the crowd
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