The creeping fog over the ice shelf

When I was out shooting on this day I assumed this would be my best photo of a batch of maybe 30 or 40. As it turned out, it was maybe my second or third favorite. I’m curious to see how it will be received, as I like it very much. The fog crept in across the lake from east to west, so in this photo I’m looking Southwest. In fact, if you traveled toward the dead-center of the frame and continued past the buildings you’d eventually hit St. Louis. The snow-covered ice forms a shelf that hits the shelf I’m standing on. It was about six to eight feet beneath my boots, though it might not look too far in the photo. Walking back through the snow I hit an ice patch and nearly went down. Nobody was around to notice.
The creeping fog over the ice shelf
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2 Comments to “The creeping fog over the ice shelf”

  1. thats beautiful

    • I’m happy you like it… and that you commented! I still think one of my others ended up beating this, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for beholding.

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