Study session for photo stories

This is a bit of a change up for me. Usually I post on what I’m seeing rather than what I’m doing, but tonight is relevant to the blog, so I’m sharing in a somewhat different way. This dusty old book was a Christmas gift a couple of years back, and it’s becoming an invaluable resource for my photography. I’ve cracked it open several times to corroborate information I’ve heard or read about places I’m photographing in Chicago. It’s helped me relate stories about what I’m seeing to this little space on the internet.

I don’t read books very often. The last novel I chose to read and made it through was The Road by Cormac McCarthy a few years ago. George Orwell’s 1984 was my next-to-last chosen-to-read-and-completed book, and I consumed that one in 1999. It was so good I stayed up all night to finish it in three days. I also loved Orwell’s shorter To shoot an elephant, but you can see there’s almost a decade-long gap between those two novels! I’ve since attempted and aborted James Joyce’s A portrait of the artist as a young man and Machiavelli’s The Prince, the latter which I found too obvious, among others. Why don’t I read more? I read constantly, every day, but my nose is typically in news items of the day and magazines like The Economist, The Nation and such. When i was a kid I was often reading the encyclopedia, which is kind of weird, but I know a lot about wars now, and that’s kind of awesome.
Study session for photo stories
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  1. plus there is an online version of this book that’s very handy. and free.

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