The endless storm

We’ve been experiencing this pattern of weather where the snow feels almost constant at times.  Somehow it hasn’t accumulated much more than the original storm of six inches.  I think the wind just blows around light flakes making the illusion that we’re getting so much more than we actually are.  I’ve found myself looking out the window at night searching for the streetlights.  They show off the flakes to the point where I believe we’re getting inches upon inches of new snow.  After a few hours of this sort of thing there’s just a new dusting – maybe an inch.

Today I drove through such a storm to be part of a panel discussion on media arts at a local college.  It was nice to be invited to speak about media and photography and the work I’ve done, but I’m never quite sure what to say – or maybe I’m concerned that we’re not saying much at all.  My colleagues all attempted to answer students’ difficult questions about media and visual arts of sorts that we’ve worked our entire professional lives within.  We, the panelists, seemed to pose just as many questions and concerns as the students.  Our worries about the internet age and where we’re all headed – if there is a place for profit when so much work is shared so quickly and then left to be forgotten – don’t often have answers.  Content certainly drives the vehicle, and good content retains readers, viewers, consumers.  Still, sometimes I think it’s just like the snowstorm, blowing around and failing to settle down. Certainly there will be a lot of darkness as those of us involved stab at what works – or doesn’t. The light points will be fewer and further between.
The endless storm
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2 Comments to “The endless storm”

  1. That porch light creates such a warm, cozy-looking spot in the photo.

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