Confluence in construction – on workflow and what goes into a post

I’ve overhauled my workflow with regard to naming photos and posts. Photos now get descriptors so I can find them in my archives. Posts, which were often tailored to the original save name of a photo now get titled at the very end. I found myself constantly wanting to create a specific save name for a file and then wanting to break from it when publishing the work. It became opposite to anything I’d ever done with writing/publishing in the past, so I’m reverting back to creating something and naming it after everything is in place, including the words. It’s a more natural way for me to work.

That sounds complex, but it’s not. Basically, I’m no longer naming a photo until I post it here on my blog. I wanted things to flow better despite my often disjointed approach to photography. I took the side door into shooting stills, applying my videography knowledge to photography, and I think it makes me an atypical shooter. It also makes me care less about individual frames I make. In videography everything matters, so, in a sense, your worst frame is equal to your best frame – it all becomes part of your body of work. In a way there are throw away moments in many video shots, which makes me worry very little about making perfect pictures. That’s not to say I don’t slave after putting together a photo composition, it’s just that I feel like they’re all merely moments in time – bound to change and partially left to chance. It’s funny to spend so much time on making them permanent here, and that’s the point. Accuracy in describing what is going on is best done when the process is complete.

As for this photo, there’s not much to tell. I rarely post abstractions, though I’m not sure this is so abstract. You can tell in seconds what you’re looking at here. Simultaneously, there is this sense of unease thanks to the diagonals, and they are competing ones at that. I’ve become very appreciative of competing interests finding a sort of equilibrium that creates a narrative we can dissect, if we so choose. Too frequently we break those stories down the wrong way.
Confluence in construction
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