Snowing inside the parking garage

It’s hard to see, but if you click through this image and zoom in, snow is falling in the corkscrew of the ramp. Pretty exciting, I know. I wasn’t actually motivated by the snow itself to take the photo, it was the lighting from the snow that finally made this interesting enough for me. After parking here several hundred times and wondering why the ramp area always caught my eye I realized the other day that it was a good design for a photo, but it lacked contrasting light. Snow provided that by shooting it off the walls and leaving the foreground more illuminated thanks to the reflections in the puddles.
Snowing inside the parking garage
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8 Comments to “Snowing inside the parking garage”

  1. Snowing in a parking garage is pretty cool. I mainly experience snowing on the tram.

    • Hopefully it isn’t snowing in the tram, Ben! I think this little scene would be better on video – so you could see the movement of the flakes in the dark shadows.

      • It has snowed in a tram once, the doors needed new seals and the snow was floating through.
        In your picture I can see a slight lightening in the central column that also looks a bit noisy so I took this to being the snow. Even with no snow it would still be an ace image. Because of the shapes and the lines in the parking lot.

      • That was exactly the reason I wanted to get this shot – all the converging lines in nice patterns, etc. Just needed the snow to light it right in the end.

  2. I love the way you’ve turned something so ordinary into something really beautiful.

    • Thank you, Emmatrus. I have an odd appreciation for parking garages. They have a lot of really cool lines and and intelligent pieces of engineering. Their upper levels provide great viewpoints from which to shoot. Still, it was hard to motivate myself to shoot this. I’m glad I did, and I’m glad you see what I see in this.

  3. really striking abstraction. great movement and contrasts here. I love the little areas of warm colors smattered around, too.

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