People crossing Adams near Art Institute

I’ve been taking different routes through the city in recent weeks, but not for photography reasons. I just get bored sometimes and can’t maintain the routine of walking the same worn path as last time. This trip took me to the corner of Michigan and Adams, home of the Art Institute. All the tourists were taking photos of the museum, so, deciding I’m not a tourist I turned around and shot back in the opposite direction. It frames up nicely.
People crossing Adams near Art Institute
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4 Comments to “People crossing Adams near Art Institute”

  1. In the process you also captured the beginning of Route 66. There is a sign on the left side of the road stating that. I love this shot.

    • Yes, you are correct, this is the start of historic Route 66. I failed to mention that, and I guess I should if I want more blog traffic. Haha. It’s actually not the original start, however, as that’s changed over the years. Yes, it’s a true story. Jackson Street, one block south, is the original and constant Route 66 starting point, though it now runs one-way east. Kind of crazy. I walked a couple of miles down historic Route 66 in downstate Illinois about seven years ago with a guy going from Phoenix to Chicago on foot to raise money and awareness for fighting juvenile diabetes. It was one of the best days of my life.

      • Wow I did not know about Jackson. That is awesome. Don’t worry about traffic. With your pictures it will come.

      • Haha, I know if I did worry about it I’d have no traffic. It’s when I don’t pay much attention that things kind of take an uptick. Thanks for your kind words. I followed your blog, so I’ll look forward to more shots like you took of Lucas Oil Stadium. Nice job.

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