In a thick fog at North Avenue Beach

I can’t tell you if the fog was rolling in or out. I didn’t stay long enough to know. I can tell you there’s a 100-story skyscraper almost smack in the middle of the frame, but the fog is thick enough that you’d never know it. At 31 degrees Fahrenheit I never expect to see such low-hanging clouds, but it seems to happen quite a bit. I was just thrilled that I could get close enough to cut through the gray to see the outlines of many of those buildings. You can see on the right edge of the frame where it loosened up a bit. Just a block or two west you’d never even notice the fog unless you were trying to eyeball the taller towers.
In a thick fog at North Avenue Beach
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6 Comments to “In a thick fog at North Avenue Beach”

  1. wow, thats amazing

    • Thank you, and yes, it was pretty cool to take this in. Maybe once a year do you get this scene where there’s fog off the lake and ice with snow covering the water, and it’s rare that you wouldn’t be fogged in at this vantage point.

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