Cliched Chicago from the corner of the beach

Lately I’ve heard from a few photographers both here and elsewhere that are feeling kind of trapped by a creativity lapse. Call it creative doldrums. I’m not completely out of my drag, but I’m feeling more inspired today knowing I might be finding a little bit of time to shoot a few things.

For anyone else feeling this way, I’m sharing Dylan and Donovan today. I think of this kind of doldrums as an annoying conversation, which reminds me of this scene from a film about Dylan from so many decades ago. Bothered by a man attempting to win his friendship or something, it once seemed to me that Dylan promoted this nuisance onto what followed. I used to think Dylan found Donovan boring and uninteresting and was almost mocking him with his “that’s a great song, man.” But I don’t think so anymore. Now I notice that Donovan asked Dylan to play Baby Blue, and Dylan obliged. It’s a nice moment between artists, and I like how they use the music to change the feeling in an otherwise tense room. And that’s the point, for me. When confronted with that block of creativity it seems most important to get inspired again, especially by someone doing similar things to what you’re doing.

DAILY PHOTO: Cliched Chicago from the corner of the beach
Everyone and anyone who’s somewhat serious about photography in Chicago has taken a photo from this location. I avoided it until I suddenly found myself there at the end of last summer on a perfect morning. At one point while shooting the sunrise I looked up and realized I was in position for this shot by complete accident. It was too perfect to pass up, and so I took maybe six or nine exposures from this location and moved on to other things. For five months the images burned a hole in my pocket and finally one of them tumbles out today.

In processing this last night I realized there were 50 or 60 directions I could take. Straight out of the camera the image was very strong, and I had a hard time deciding which direction to take. I could go with any mood desired, it was just one of those types of photos. In the end, I tried to stay as true to the moment as possible, leaving it a touch warm. While I was once cold on the location I’m very happy I stopped by and did what everyone else does. Call it warming to what is popular.
Cliched Chicago
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4 Comments to “Cliched Chicago from the corner of the beach”

  1. My new favorite, Nev! Love the shot, but especially the colors.

  2. Some things are cliche because they are undeniably beautiful, our skyline being one of them. When you’re offered a shot like this, with the great colors and just the right amount of haze in the background, you have to take it. Is this at Fullerton?

    • Thanks for your perspective, Tabula. I tend to agree with that consideration. Because I had no intention of taking this shot it almost became a surprise opportunity when it was suddenly there without effort. Yes, this is Fullerton Beach, and there are at least 50 versions of this shot on Flickr, though I don’t see one quite like mine.

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