The in-between on a gray day at the beach

February is the in-between time in Chicago’s winter. We’re seven weeks removed from Christmas, six from New Years – and the holiday spirit is lost even from the rear-view mirror. We’re another seven weeks away from April, or the beginning of baseball season, which means the optimism of spring is quite a ways away. I wanted to go warmer today. If this period of time was a week we’re apparently on hump day, and I’d like to experience the tipping-point toward green trees and sunnier days.

I guess that hangover of winter had me liking this overcast sky over a Florida beach, so I built it rather quickly today. It, too, feels like a no-man’s land of sorts – not quite on the beach, not quite of the development on the right. The rugged terrain between the two is littered with harsh brush, snakes and garbage, though thankfully more brush than the latter two. I was struck by how nice a view this was, and that nobody was stopping to photograph from the boardwalk in this direction. When you have an end goal in sight and you’re far enough from where you’ve left, maybe you don’t stop to appreciate the middle of February?
The in-between on a gray day at the beach
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