Stacking up to the tower

The Sears (Willis) Tower is actually nine conjoined towers. You can think of it as sections that are like cylinders. If you took nine long tubes and bundled them together, then stood them up and hacked off the tops at different heights, that’s the Sears. You can see five of the sections prominently in this photo. The tallest, middle section of the building is just barely discernible, but altogether six of the nine are in frame. Most of the time while standing directly underneath you cannot see the tallest section very clearly.

I hadn’t noticed prior to shooting the Sears on this day that the base of the building kind of builds up the same way the sections of the tower do. I thought it was a pretty cool compliment to the overall structure, and I wonder how detailed the architects must have been to incorporate the geometry of the building completely from the tip top of its 110 stories all the way to the street below. It’s crazy that this was the tallest building in the world as recently as 15 years ago, and even after losing its title as top of the top it was only a few hundred feet shy of the newest world’s tallest until 2010. Now the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is nearly double its height!
Stacking up to the tower
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