Bleary-eyed in the stacks

I didn’t get enough rest last week. Finishing up photos for a client robbed me of some sleep, and I found the only way to concentrate on finalizing the project was to visit the library for a late-night editing session. I’ve never noticed anyone editing photos at the library before, come to think of it. As time was running out on my night and the announcements on closing became harrying and slightly more threatening, I decided to take a memoir from my exhausted evening.

I remember spending hours and hours at the library in college, but I could never concentrate there. Something about the total silence really bothered me. I realized I needed some ambient noise to stay on task, which I don’t think is that atypical. The sterile solitude made feet walking down a nearby stack that much more audible. The aircon kicking on and off became noticeable, and anticipated, and I would lose focus in a mundane textbook while timing-out the next switch. I’d get up and change places too often to settle into my work, as I’m a visual person and liked leaving my environment for a more interesting one. With so many places to find a likable spot the opportunities felt endless, and I was never satisfied with where I was. I think studying anywhere but the library might have been better for me.
Bleary-eyed in the stacks
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7 Comments to “Bleary-eyed in the stacks”

  1. Love this library view. Gorgeous! Nice image.

  2. Always love books! Nice aperture…

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