Union Station staircase

First, this is not actually the staircase, though it is the carbon copy in the same building. The stairs upon which one excellent nine-minute scene in movie-making was shot is on the other end of the long hallway these stairs spill into, which is about 100 yards (or meters for you metric people) to the left of that column down there. I couldn’t shoot that staircase, because when I strolled into Union Station an engagement shoot was taking place there.

This would have to do, and it does quite well with a mixture of ambient light from the many windows in the building and some tungsten from the stairway lights overhead. Look closely and you can see grooves in the steps from feet slipping over them over so many years. Anyway, The Untouchables staircase scene unfolds here (warning – graphic violence), and it’s quite a well-executed sequence. The scene is an apparent homage to Battleship Potemkin, a 1925 film with a similar baby-bouncing-down-stairs scene. You can jump ahead to the last 90 seconds to see the runaway stroller in that clip.
The Untoucables staircase
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4 Comments to “Union Station staircase”

  1. Just looking at this picture recalls the experience of walking down the stairs. I like that it hints at how worn down the edges of the old stone steps are. The staircase looks old without looking sad. There is a great aura within this historical yet run-down building.

    And those cinematic staircase scenes are both great. Nice post.

  2. love your use of the blurr, it adds dramatic fee to the upper levels

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